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*BIG sigh*

Okay. Wow. It's been a while since I've written down an ACTUAL blog entry... you know, an expression of my thoughts/feelings/opinions about stuff in paragraph form for the Internet (which is to say no one) to read? Yeah. That's what I'm gonna do right now, if only for a few sentences more. I'm honestly too lazy to write too extensively about what's going on in my head. I guess the biggest emotion I'm feeling right now is hope (is that an emotion?). Things got really terrible a few months back, but they are finally looking up. Believe me - nothing is even CLOSE to being NEAR perfect. And yet I have a home (finally), a little cat to keep me company as I work on my art, a partner who has agreed to support me while I pursue art full-time, and friends who love me in spite of the rocky patches between us now. Um.... let's see.... what else.... I guess I'm still struggling with laziness/confidence/depression/some hybrid of those, but that's nothing new. What is new is that I get to house sit for a friend in Portland later this month - YAY! A free week in Portland is definitely a 1-up on life. =D
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Dusk Vol 3 Preview + Jolene Houser Support Book!

Here's a little taste of what I'm working on for DUSK Vol 3 by David Doub. ;)


The Jolene Houser Support Book

Recently Artist Jolene Houser was in a car accident on her way to the convention SabotenCon. She has a fractured skull, 17 stitches in her forehead, 6 staples on her elbow from a large laceration, and a fractured #1 vertebrae.

So to show our support of Jolene and her amazing talent, we're putting together a sketch book. All profit from the book will be given to Jolene to help with various bills stemming from the accident and medical care.

David Faught will be acting as Art Director to help get all the art together. His e-mail is

The format for a picture needs to be that it's original, at least 300 DPI, Black and White, and 7.44 x 9.69 inches.

If you are interested in helping out, the artist sign-up deadline is Oct 15th. Deadline for the finished art is Nov 1st.

The planned launch for this book is Nov 15th.

Thank you for your help,
David Doub
Dusk Comics

Lend her some art!
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Indie Comics Festivals and Thinking Online

I was gonna make the last part say "Thinking Aloud," but for god's sake this is the internet: the only thing aloud about these thoughts are the typing noises!

First thing's first: I'm gonna be tabling at the Olympia Comics Festival in WA this Saturday, June 5th! I'll be sharing a big-ass table with the incomparable Mische Litvak and the fine folks putting on the Eye Candy Animation Festival (to take place immediately after the comics festival). For anybody who wants to check it out, it's at the Olympia Center downtown and it's going on from 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM. There's also gonna be a stage show from 6 - 8 PM for $5 at the Capitol Theatre, so don't flee the fray too quickly. ;)

So yeah - comics, stage shows, and animation from 11:30 AM - 9:00 PM. THINK YOU CAN HANDLE IT?!

I'm gonna be selling copies of Blackbirds Issue #1, my minis Blackbirds: Sarah's Day and Queer, decorative buttons, full-color art prints, and on-the-spot commissions. I'll also be handing out free samplers of my webcomic Race Drag and my one-shot-in-progress A Colorful Character.

Why, yes, I did just refer to Blackbirds as "Issue #1" because I have officially decided to continue the story. Issue #2 is in its pre-production stage as we speak. :)

More pressingly, however, I have to finish my creative project for class. It's my very last undergraduate assignment ever before I receive my BA - ain't that neat?! I'm making it a poem that personifies the most salient aspects of my sociopolitical identity and shows how they interact to form the person that I am today. It's all very relevant to one of the major aspects of psychology program, which is the only real requirement for the project aside from it being creative. Right now I'm thinking the identities I'll play with are my race, gender, class, language, sexual, regional, and ethnic identities. I'd like to portray as my race as a set of twins since I am biracial. Anyway, this was the thinking/typing aloud/online/what-have-you part. Short as it was, it got my brain meat sloshing around in a smooth, yet appetizingly chunky rhythm.

What is up with that metaphor, y'all?

Peace out for now! Gotta save them metaphors for the poetry!
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U.S. History by Flipsyde

This song's been on my mind all day:

[Verse 1]
Hustlin's in my blood, my father's name is Britain.
His history consisted of robbery, killin' and pimpin.
Filthy rich and the biggest killer that you ever seen.
Once I'm older I'm takin' over, ima be king.
I was locked up in jail when he got the new land.
Opened his cells, I guess that's how the story began.
First mission was to clear it out and claim it as mine.
Indigenous people were peaceful, it took no time.
Great grandmother Africa was blind and disabled.
Sons was traitors, we played divide and conquer, invaded,
Sold her children into slavery and profited quick.
Started makin' side deals and that's how I got rich.
Daddy Britain found out and tried to put me in check.
He don't understand I'm a man and I deserve some respect.
Tried to bring it to me, but I play for keeps, and I won.
Still my daddy but you ain't the only man with a gun.
More money, More problems, little brother is wild.
They call 'em The South, he's a country with a big ass mouth.
Tried to show 'em new business but he don't wanna change.
I love 'em but I knew eventually I'd blow out his brains.
I'm America!

You know, you know, God Bless America.
You know, you know, God Bless America.
You know, you know, God Bless...

[Verse 2]
Me and my daddy still cool and my uncles is with us,
France, Russia, and Italy and we all killas.
But it's this nigga named Germany that's out of control.
Rollin with Japan and Turkey, and them niggas is bold.
Started fuckin' with my uncles and we all went to war.
Uncle France damn near died at the tip of his sword.
When the smoke cleared we won let 'em retreat.
Shoulda' killed 'em cause they knew they had us close to defeat.
Kicked it off again, 20 years later it was on.
This time my uncle Italy traded and he was gone.
I was neutral when Japan hit me, guess that he knew,
I aint gone' let my family fight without me jumpin' in, too.
Woulda' lost if I didn't hit Germany's weapon supply.
Kamikaze Japanese was always ready to die.
Dropped atomic bomb, let them niggas know that it's real.
Speak soft with a big stick - do what I say or be killed.
I'm America!

You know, you know, God Bless America.
You know, you know, God Bless America.
You know, you know, God Bless...

[Verse 3]
I'm racin' with my uncle Russia, we the ones with the guns.
He supported the North, so I rolled with South Vietnam.
Thought it would be easy but almost 60 thousand died.
They was harder than Korea, so we ran for our lives.
It's a family called the Middle East and they got bread.
Sellin' oil, they don't cut me in then off with their head.
I got a nephew named Israel that's right in the middle.
Pay his allowance as long as he can dance to my fiddle.
I had a patna' named Iraq, gave 'em weapons and money.
Nigga started getting' power and he start actin' funny.
Saudi Arabia's cool, gotta son Bin Laden.
I was trainin' his soldiers to go against the Russians and stop 'em.
Then he tried to say I need to take my soldiers and cut.
Gave 'em the finger, that's when he flipped and blew my shit up.
I took it to 'em, and then I took it back to Iraq
and if you ain't my blood brother you gonna be flat on
yo' back.

The sons of Africa just invented this shit called rap.
Tellin' my secrets, that's why I'm puttin' their heads on flat.
Built an empire quick and it might not last,
But I bet I go down in history as the one that smashed.
I'm America!

You know, you know, God Bless America.
You know, you know, God Bless America.
You know, you know, God Bless...

Hustlin's in my blood, my father's name is Britain.
Hustlin's in my blood, my father's name is Britain.
The red, the white, the red, the white, the blue.
The red, the white, the red, the white, the blue.

Arizona: Taking the Brown Out of America

Alright, so first Arizona comes up with a bill that allows police to apprehend brown people on mere suspicion of being illegal immigrants. Now there's another bill banning ethnic studies courses from public schools in the state of Arizona. Los Angeles is now boycotting Arizona business - I don't mean the people of Los Angeles (although they may be as well), I mean the city council of Los Angeles. Arizona is making decisions so heinous that other government entities are taking the time to protest. What in the fuck is going on here?!